Thursday, March 1, 2012


Tonight Kathryn and I are in class... I take algebra on Thursday and she takes American Government...  I took American Government last semester, so I know how much fun she is having, but me.... Well, you know how it is. :D  Anyway, today we got to see our apartment we will be moving into next weekend (the 10th). Yay! It is a two bedroom that is laid out better and gives us more room. We are both very excited that we will be moving for the first time together... We are already expanding to compensate for all the room "the general" is going to take up :)

Well, ok, so Bob won't take up that much room for a while but we like to be hospitable, so we like to have more room for friends  :)

Kathryn's Bob belly keeps showing more and to me it becomes more realistic everyday that there is a baby that will be coming out soon... Yikes! Well, not really... I can't wait! The Lord willing I will be ready and able to take care of "the general" when he does make his appearance, but it is sobering.

Yes, for those wondering, I am writing this post during class, with my tablet... But, she is reviewing the (don't know how to spell it) pathagorian theorem, ya know (aa+bb=cc)  :)

I hope this hasn't been too boring... I just realized that this is probably the first time I've actually posted on our blog... Haha!

Have a great evening! ~ Bryant

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  1. You are crazy! :D You have always been fabulous at math though. I am sure you will do just dandy! See you tonight, Lord willing :)