Monday, March 5, 2012

Chicks in our apartment...

We are taking care of some chicks for the Jacksons so that they can take them home when returning from helping us move... I thought I would buy them a week in advance so that Kathryn could have some fun raising them for a week while she packs :D

... Oh, and yes, they're in our living room :)

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  1. Hummmmm, that looks like your gardening bench ~ hope the chickies didn't eat the plants! We are excited about getting chicks again! Thanks for getting them for us!

    1. Unfortunately the plants were eaten by mold before we got the chicks. You are very welcome! I will enjoy watching the little chicks for the week! :)

  2. Well, its not too late to start more plants after you move ~ and the chicks leave the gardening bench! Thanks again chickie whisperer!