Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cuddling with my Aunties

Aunt Bellhannah
She love to give kisses!

Aunt Brigitta
Aunt Bethany
We like to look at each other

My three little aunts!

Aunt Brytni and Uncle Berean
He likes to give me kisses too!

Aunt Brytni and Grandma

Talking with Auntie Amy
Photo Credit (mom's blog)
~ Bob

Oh! the love for this little boy! I am thankful the Lord blessed us with a large family with many loving arms to cuddle Bob!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A name

Robert Edward Lee Cutler

Robert: Germanic for Bright Fame.... Abiding in God

Edward: Old English for Rich Guard.... Guardian of Happiness

Lee: Old English (surname) for Clearing.... Gracious

Our Son's Namesake
General Robert Edward Lee
Due to his known character, and love and fear of the Lord.

There also happen to be relatives that own these three names.

Robert  ~  Robert Wallace Jackson   (Uncle, Kathryn's Brother)
                 Robert Edward David Beard   (Second Cousin, through Kathryn)

Edward ~ James Edward Cutler   (Grandpa Jim, Bryant's Dad)
                Lawrence Edward Cutler   (Great Great Grandfather, through Bryant)
                Robert Edward David Beard   (Second Cousin, through Kathryn)
                Charles Edward Combs  (Great Uncle, through Kathryn)

Lee   ~     Dorothy Lee Jackson   (Great Grandmother, through Kathryn)
                James Lee Chance Sr.  (Great Grandfather, through Bryant)
                James Lee Chance Jr.  (Great Uncle, through Bryant)
                James Lee Chance III  (Second Cousin, through Bryant)
                Belva Lee Bellew  (Great Great Grandmother, through Bryant)
                Sabrina Lee Combs  (Great Aunt, through Kathryn)

(if we have forgotten any, it was not intentional, please advise and we will add it to our list :)

Cutler maker of swords and knives

Nicknames: that we are ok with ; )
The General