Friday, August 16, 2013

Mmmm.... Canned Green Beans!

So, we have all these beans from our garden... they had/have to be dealt with...

So, why not can them?
No reason not to, except I don't have a pressure canner (it is much quicker and efficient to pressure can beans). 
I could borrow one, forgot to ask.
My dear mother-in-law told me that they can be water bath canned, it just takes about 3 hours in the water.
(I'm more comfortable using water bath than a pressure canner anyways.)

Cool! Off to google...
Where I found this link!

Most of my beans are snapped, so I got busy!

Sterilized jars ready to be packed with beans

The beans all washed and ready.

My setup of beans, salt, boiling water, and ready jars.

The jars all packed and starting their hot soak.

... 3 hours later...

Tada! 7 pints of beans!

Only 6 sealed, so one is in the fridge for a meal sometime soon.