Thursday, June 26, 2014

Two Years!

My baby will be two tomorrow!
Where has my baby gone? He is so big, he's not a baby anymore.
I praise and thank the LORD for Bob! Life would not be the same without him, I can't even imagine it.
I'm very thankful:
for his cheerful spirit
for his good obedience and patience (for a two year old)

for his contagious giggle
for his butchered words
for his clear words (Daddy!)

for his snuggly hugs
for his kisses that are more and more like real kisses
for his soft, warm feet rubbing my leg when we snuggle

for his adventurous personality
for his goofy dancing

for his soft blonde hair and big brown eyes

for his efforts to be a big boy
for his thumb sucking and belly button fiddling
for his little "thank you"'s

for his "singing" out of the hymnals
for the little mole/freckle on the back of his arm

for his help with chores (he is really good at unloading the dishwasher : ) )
for his love for his little brother (it melts my heart when Bob hugs Tom, or holds his hand)

I have been blessed greatly with this little boy!
I love him very much! He has a chunk of my heart, right next to his daddy and baby brother.

Bob, I pray that you become a great man for the LORD. That you follow his Word. Always honoring your Father, by respecting and obeying your earthly father and authorities, and loving your brothers in Christ. I pray for many more years for you to live for the glorification of the Lord and edification of the brethren. I love you so much son!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Major Adventures!

We have had a number of adventures as a family. Here are just a couple of the big ones:

Marriage, Oct. 2011

Me moving to Missouri, Oct. 2011

General Lee's birth, June 2012

Buying our first home, Dec. 2012

General Stonewall's birth, Feb. 2014

Moving to South Carolina, June 2014

We praise and thank our LORD for his guidance and protection of our family over the past 2 1/2 years! He is all powerful, and all that has happened is part of His perfect plan!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fear Not, Little Flock

The souls of those who seek for wealth the Lord shall soon require,
But riches which are stored above shall never there expire;
Fear not, little flock, fear not, fear not; thy Father knows thy need;
Fear not, little flock, fear not, fear not; He will His children feed.

Behold and see how lilies grow; they do not toil nor weave, 
Yet kings in all their royal dress are not arrayed like these.
Fear not, little flock, fear not, fear not; thy robe is sparkling white;
Fear not, little flock, fear not, fear not; the Savior is your light.

If God so clothe the forest green whose leaf will soon be gone,
Shall He not much more glorify His chosen and foreknown?
Fear not, little flock, fear not, fear not; thy God is on His throne;
Fear not little flock, fear not, fear not; He'll come and take you home.

~ Ralph E. Harris