Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Week 12

Yesterday began my 12th week of pregnancy!

This week Olive may begin using her reflexes; such as opening and closing her fist, curling her toes, clenching her eye muscles, and beginning to make sucking movements with her mouth! This is amazing! I can do these things and see what she may be able to begin doing. I am taken aback in wondrous awe at God's miracle of growing a child in the womb.

Olive is about the size of a lime and only weighs about half an ounce.

I feel and think that I look the same as last week, so not much new goin on with me.

I am anxious to hear Olive's heartbeat, and to feel her move around. 

*Disclaimer: We do not know the gender of Olive. I just said "her" for ease of typing.


  1. Haha! Dad says her for the ease of praying! How cool is Gods creation, especially little babies!

  2. That is so sweet! I like the pictures you found too! I can't wait to see whether "it's" a him or her! Lol! <3 :)