Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my best friend!

Happy Birthday to my protector and leader!

Happy Birthday to the father of our son!

Happy Birthday to my dear husband of 7 months! 

I am grateful to the Lord for keeping you on the Earth for 22 years now, though I've only known you for 1 and a half of those many years. I pray that the Lord will preserve you for many, many more years to come... to grow old with me, and watch our son grow to become a man just like his daddy!

I love you Bryant! and hope you have a very joyful birthday!

(and as Aunt Jodi said, your gift will be here in about two months!)


  1. Happy Birthday #1 son in law! Your birthday card and gift are in the mail! Hopefully they will reach you before 2 month! We love you!

  2. Aw! So sweet! I am sure he was smiling from ear to ear all day! :D

  3. Love that top picture of the two of you. Need to frame it!