Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Thursday!

This week I am extremely thankful to the Lord for the little life growing inside of me.

I am now 7 weeks (and 3 days) along in my pregnancy, and as far as I know Olive is doing just what he/she is supposed to be doing... 
Olive is about the size of a blueberry now!

According to Baby Center Olive is beginning to grow his/her little hands and feet.

 His/her growth is a mysterious and marvelous work of the Lord!

Olive is a precious life and I am thankful for the blessing that he/she will become, and already is, to Bryant and I!

Also, I am thankful for peppermints and saltines to ease the feeling of morning sickness. It is a great blessing to have the access to things that ease the sickness involved in childbearing. The Lord was very merciful to put my undeserving self in this place on the earth where I have such access! 

The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and plenteous in mercy.
~Psalm 103:8

May your thanksgivings to our Lord extend way beyond a week from today!


  1. Your mommy says...TAKE YOUR PILLS! Maybe the sickness feeling will go away soon. Love you & Olive.

  2. So I just went to BabyCentral to see what my little grandOlive is doing exciting! Appendix, hands and feet 2 brain hemispheres! The Lord is greatly to be praised for this little miracle from Him!

  3. Dearest Sister,
    I am praying for you and the little baby! I hope that you soon end the time of morning sickness, so that you can enjoy this pregnancy more fully. I pray that you and baby remain healthy and strong, and that delivery will be safe, normal and easy as possible. The Lord is so good to His children!
    *Psalm 127*

  4. I hope this doesn't post 3 times but, I can't get it to take.
    I am so glad that you're up to posting. I love the Baby Central site! It says just 4-7 more weeks of morning sickness and you'll be fine. Are you taking your prenatal vitamins? Who is your OBGYN? When do you go back? Just anxiously awaiting more news? Love You