Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gender Prediction

A fun part of being pregnant is dreaming about the gender of the baby inside you:

Will you be flooded with bows and dolls, or boots and tractors?

There are many Old Wives Tales that can "predict" the gender of your baby. 
I did about a dozen just for fun. : )

Chinese Calendar: I'm not exactly sure how this works, so I just used a tool on the internet. It has something to do with the age of the mother, the conception date, and the lunar calendar.

Mayan Tale: You add the age of the mother at conception and the year of conception. If it is even, it is a girl; odd and its a boy. 20 + 2013 = 2033

Baking Soda Test: You pee on baking soda. If it fizzes, then it is a boy. No reaction and its a girl. 

Heart Rate: Above 140 its a girl, lower than 140 its a boy. Ours was 141.

Shape of Belly: High and sticks out, its a girl. Low and round, its a boy. I don't have too much of a belly yet, but it is low.

Skin/Acne: If you break out more, then it is a girl. If you stay the same, or clear up, it is a boy. I've been about the same.

Ring Test: There is an episode of LHOP where this test is done. Caroline sees a gypsy, and is told that she will be having a boy based on this test. Well, she ended up having a girl; Baby Grace. Anyways, you hang your wedding ring on a string, and hang it in front of you belly. It it swings back and forth it is a girl, if it swings in a circle it is a boy. The first time I did this, it ring didn't move : D I did it again a few weeks later, and it moved in a circle.

Cravings: If you crave sweet things like fruit then it is a girl. If you crave savory things or protein, then it is a boy. I've mostly been craving chicken sandwiches and fried/mashed potatoes.

Morning Sickness: If you have it, then it is a girl. I had it worse than when I was pregnant with Bob, but not as bad as it gets.

Moodiness: If you are moodier than usual, then it is a girl (because of all the extra hormones, they say). You're usually the same or happier if you are having a boy. Bryant says that I'm about the same as before.

Daddy's Weight: If Daddy gains weight, then it is a girl. If Daddy stays the same or looses weight, then it is a boy. Bryant has stayed the same.

Sleep on Left or Right Side: Sleep on your left side, its a boy. Sleep on your right, its a girl. I like to sleep facing the edge of the bed. So, on my side of the bed I lay on my left side, but I do lay on my right when I'm on Bryant's side.

Ultrasound: Not an old wives tale, just the ultimate predictor... or should I say confirmer. It took the technician some poking, prodding, and patience, but we did get to see that we are having another little General. 

Thomas Jonathan Jackson Cutler

(named after General "Stonewall" Jackson)

Again, this was just for fun. We mostly went by father's intuition : D then were confirmed yesterday with our ultrasound.

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  1. ok, you had me tempted so I tried out the easiest one for me (because i'm in the past - way in the past)! The Mayan Tale. By the time I got to Izzy all three had calculated right. But Max was wrong - as usual he rocks the boat!

    Congrats to all of you! It makes me happy to know you are up there having babies!