Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Thursday

  • Week 15 of my pregnancy!

This past weekend I noticed that my belly is sticking out more than last week! (I'm excited to be showing!)

Olive is now 15 weeks into development! She now weighs about 4 ounces and is about the length of an apple.

Symptoms: Not many except the occasional headache or nauseous stomach.

Cravings: I'm outta the salty thing. Now it is whenever I hear or see something that looks good, and sausage biscuits....

Changes to Mommy: An expanding waistline

 Milestones: Looking for a physician that meets our "qualifications." 
  • A friend finding out the gender of her baby!
Congratulations Matthew and Angela on your baby girl!

  • Meeting brethren and making some new friends.
  • The light snow covering the ground.
  • The Lord's mercy on Jason, Bryant, and I during our trip. 


  1. I am having sympathy cravings. A sausage biscuit sounds delicious! 2 inches of snow is not a dusting.

  2. I hadn't gone outside to look at it yet when I wrote it. :)

  3. Y'all are making me hungry~ and I would love to see some snow! I know you are excited about the changes....not you can look pregnant instead of just feeling like your clothes shrunk! Love you daughter!

  4. I knew it wouldn't be long that you'd want to eat whatever you saw! The little B's made a snow fort and drank hot chocolate this afternoon.

  5. An we're gettin' somewhere!! Time to eat up. Most young thin females don't even show until they're in their 8th month. Of course, that's only with the first Anxiously awaiting to hear if it's a boy or girl so get that doctor on board. What are your qualifications? Maybe I can help you look. Love You!!!!

  6. Thanks Kathryn! We are very thankful for the little girl the Lord has given us. We will keep you in our prayers as well as you search for a doctor and for your pregnancy. :)


  7. So sweet! I'm SSSOOO glad your back safely! I missed you! The Lord continue to be with you, giving you and Baby Cutler health and strength! Love you brother and sister AND baby!
    P.S. I hadn't heard that Matthew and Angela found out the gender!!! Ditto in congratulations! That is so very exciting! The Lord be with you too, Angela, giving you a healthy, easy as possible delivery in His good time!